Time To Race!

Time To Race!
Tomorrow I’ll be participating in the Lake Zurich Triathlon. This means today I eat normally and I will not be doing any workout. I don’t want to drain my muscles of their glycogen stores!

The weather has been extremely hot lately and the lake temperature is reported to be around 81 degrees! That definitely means NO wetsuit. That’s OK though as I am sure I can swim without it! Haha. It will save on the transition time anyway.

Because I am afraid of the sun, I also ordered a white, Under Armour Heat Gear Compression Top from Amazon. I am hoping that it will protect me from the sun. I remember that last year at Ironman Racine 70.3 I got the worst burn ever, and I do not want a repeat of that to happen again.

Today after lunch the boyfriend and I will make our trek to the hotel and scope out the course. We are both excited as this will be our first Olympic Distance triathlon. Given my splits and training paces, I hope to finish in around 2:30 or 2:40; might I make a podium finish? It is really close, and if I were in better shape (aka with a BMI of around 19 instead of 24), then I am sure I could close in on it.

In any case, this event will be used as my “baseline” for the Chicago Triathlon. By then, I should have lost some weight and perhaps then I can measure my performance differences given the weight loss. We shall see!