Third Place Podium Finish!

The triathlon was pretty awesome. I placed 3rd in my age group – my first podium finish! What was even more awesome was that it was my very first olympic distance triathlon, so to win that is so motivating!

It was a good race, but I totally did not wear the appropriate clothing. I accidentally wore my bike shorts instead of my triathlon shorts. Oh well. I also did not have an appropriate top. There was no wetsuit allowed and so I swam in my bra. Meh, oh well. I messed up a little on the swim because I couldn’t find the buoys, and also I nearly missed the turn to the finish line on the bike. Also, some guy’s water bottle cage fell off his bike in front of me and I nearly crashed into it! Grr!!

But, despite all that, I still did well! I was very happy with my time of 2:42:48. The run was good. I did it at my goal marathon pace (8:13/mile). This is all with about 50 pounds I want to lose. Imagine how fast I could be if I were leaner. Yes…

Therefore, the goal for Chicago Triathlon is to do the race in much better shape. I want to be lean and so, for the next 7 weeks or so, I will be focusing solely on dropping this weight. I know I won’t get down 50 lbs, but I will lose something, and I will be faster.

I’m starting this week after some recovery and following some of the philosophy from Racing Weight. I am planning on doing cardio workouts in the fasted state as it has helped me before. I just get so lazy with weight loss because I just love to eat. However, I am so motivated now I feel like I can really do it. It all seems so realistic!