Pumpkin Day

Today, BF and I carved a pumpkin. This is his third year carving, and this time he chose to do a pumpkin face.

It was a nice Saturday. Yesterday I met with my MS advisor regarding my neural network, and everything seems a-ok. She helped me form an MS committee and well, now all I have to do is send her an outline of my thesis and we’re good to go. I’ll get to walk at graduation for my third (!) degree along side BF, who just recently successfully defended his PhD. We will both graduate from the College of Engineering. How exciting!

I also spent part of the day doing some catch-up on grading, as well as started work on this other neural network project I’ve committed myself to. There is a conference with a deadline in the beginning of January that I hope to make. I am quite sure I can do it, I just have to commit the time. One of the researchers involved gave me a data dump, and now all I have to do is create a predictive model, within certain constraints. My favorite!

Tomorrow, BF and I will go to the movies, to which we haven’t gone in *years*. Years! I cannot believe it. We are quite the homebodies. But, its OK. We enjoy our work (or at least I do), and I enjoy home. This is the life I live and enjoy!