ASPNET AJAX Control Toolkit Tip

In this day and age, async is king. We are used to pages loading asynchronously and deferring the loading of not-as-important scripts or images until later in the page lifecycle. We do it with lazy loading, with AJAX, and with smaller calls to the service layer to populate parts of the view model. However, such […]

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Switching to Google People API from Google +

On March 7th, Google is pulling the plug on Google+ API. Many sites use Google+ API for basic external user authentication. At our company, we use Google+ API to support Google logins, but it was time to make the switch to another supported API in order to continue coverage for our users. Our current, in […]

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My SlackBot

Slack is a wonderful collaboration tool for uniting team communication. I loved the idea of using Slack to automate many of my tasks. As a Software Engineering Director of a small company, one is expected to wear many hats, and I wanted to see what of the many patterned, “repeatable” tasks I could automate for […]

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