Stack on a Box | .Net Core, NGINX, Flask on Ubuntu.

Being able to develop a tidy stack on a small, portable box is very convenient. In this post, I will highlight how I set up a full stack application on a small Ubuntu box hosted by Digital Ocean. NGINX will be used to host the applications (the front-end .NET Core application and the Flask/Python API) […]

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IdentityServer4 – Global Logout

I’ve created a brand new, micro-services oriented platform at my current company. A key feature to this approach is integration of Single Sign-On. For this, I’ve adopted the wonderful, open-source project IdentityServer4. The abridged version of the architecture is that the company creates multiple apps with api resources (a big inspiration is the whole Google […]

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My SlackBot

Slack is a wonderful collaboration tool for uniting team communication. I loved the idea of using Slack to automate many of my tasks. As a Software Engineering Director of a small company, one is expected to wear many hats, and I wanted to see what of the many patterned, “repeatable” tasks I could automate for […]

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